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BEE SEO has a team of professionals we work with on every project.

About us

BEE SEO was founded in 2016 by Billy S. Horner who has been known in the online world for more than 10 years and has been on many international projects worldwide.

As a SEO specialist he started working at a professional level when he was 26 years old. Since more than the last 10 years he has worked for international advertising agencies worldwide, where he made online campaigns, promotions and advertisements. After proving his abilities in the first years, he was responsible for the entire online promotion department and managing juniors and freelancers.

Billy S. Horner has served companies from various sectors, ranging from banks, entertainment companies, online stores to brands such as Coca Cola. He specializes in search engine optimization and online marketing services and has put together a small team to offer sucessful services for companies in the Netherlands and internationally. The team consists of web designers, programmers Google AdWords specialists and social media marketers.


We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. Each sector requires a specific approach.


We get great results. View customers success stories and testimonials.


We can work just like your own marketing team based on the budget and services you need.


Thanks to our extensive experience, we can quickly optimize, analyze or make adjustments to your website.

Our Track Record

Since 2004 we have been active in web design and web application development and have been involved in SEO, SEA and many other requested services.

BEE SEO is very specialized in building separate customized applications that do not come from a standard package.

We are also specialized in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce and many other applications and CMS platforms.

BEE SEO has done more than a hundred projects worldwide. We offer our services in different languages, such as Dutch, English and German and can also do many other languages ​​in consultation.

Over the years we have grown well with many international and Dutch customers who have used our services.

We are one of the best marketing professionals for search engine optimization and web design in Europe.

Because BEE SEO has worked a lot with Google, we know exactly what Google likes and how you get a site well ranked in the search engine.

Our company can ensure that sites rank faster and with a quick site scan we can already say what needs to be adjusted.

All our employees have a high education and years of experience on the internet.

Our SEO activities are unique and we offer complete SEO audits, in-depth competition analysis, keyword research, backlink audit and strategy for the optimization of all your websites.

This makes us unique and beats our competitors. BEE SEO offers excellent quality and top web applications.

If you want to beat the competition, hire us and we will ensure that this happens.

Team Members

Short message from our co-founder

We are a small agency that strives for quality with the best results for search engine optimization, web design and online advertising.

Billy S. Horner

Senior SEO

Chang Lee

SEO Specialist

Michael Jordan

Programmer/Web Design

Lisa Benroyz

AdWords & Social Management

BEE SEO Partners

BEE SEO offers SEO services and online marketing for small and large companies

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